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Can you help out with inspection and collecting rent?

Rwandahomes-com approves properties advertisements that are registered with us before they are published on our website. We do not visit homes in order to inspect them, nor do we perform the final inspection. It is advantageous to upload representative photos of your property and when possible you can get help you with photographing your property by an agent registered with us.

How do I enter my own home ad?

Enter your contact details as well as information about your residence in submit form located in the “Header menu” section of our site. After an evaluation, your residence will be entered into our residential database. If you choose to target your advert to an agency you will be contacted by a registered agent as soon as a company has expressed interest in your residence. If you choose to target your advert to none you will be contacted directly by the individual members that are interested.

How long is the advertisement period? How do I remove it when I have sublet my residence?

The advertisement period depends on the type of residence and if it is targeted to individuals or corporate clients. When you are leasing to individuals, your advert is shown for 90 days if it’s a home to rent out and 180 days if it’s home to sale. At the end of the advertisement period your residential advert is automatically removed. You will be informed of this via e-mail and you can easily reactivate your advertisement if your residence is still available.
If you log in to our website you can deactivate your advertisement at any time by changing its status from “Under offer ” to “Sold” or “rented”. We urge all of the agent to set their adverts to rented or Sold as soon as the residence is no longer available.

I cannot find the residence that you linked to me via e-mail.

If you are unable to locate the linked residence you can also search for it manually by entering the property Id number in the “form Search ” box on our website.

How do I remove my private advertisement?

Private memberships cannot be removed, and are instead automatically terminated after 90 days. However, you can edit your advertisement at any time by simply logging in on our website in order to hide information from the landlords etc.

To become member

How can I register as agent.

You contact us at info@rwandahomes.com. Every agent client that commissions us to find them a buyer or a tenant will be screened.

Do I have to enter all my details? I don’t want my name/address/telephone number to be visible in the advert!

You can choose to hide any details that you do not want to publicly show in your advert by checking the ”None” box where applicable during property submission.

When is my advert published?

The advert is approved and is then published at our website. Normally this approval process takes one working day at most.

I forgot my password, how do I get a new one?

You renew your password by pressing the forgotten password link.

Do I need to cancel the membership?

No. We have no term and the membership will not be renewed automatically when it expires.

How do I become a member?

To become a member and get access to our services, you need to become a member and activate your account. Register today for free and get access to all the services and benefits we offer to you as a member.